Year 1 Blog Week 9

Museum fun

It has been yet another fun filled, learning week in Year 1. On Tuesday we walked down to the Potters Bar Museum. It was a glorious morning and the children really enjoyed crunching through the autumn leaves with all their beautiful colours.


In the museum the children had the opportunity to look at and play with some wonderful toys. We looked at the kind of toys that children would have played with in the past as well as toys that children play with today. The children asked lots of great questions and Brian and Terry from the museum answered them all and told us lots of fascinating stories about the artefacts. It was a lovely morning and we went back to school with heads brimming full of interesting facts. A big thank you to Brian and Terry from the Potters Bar Museum for making our visit so memorable and enjoyable.




This week the children have also been learning all about swallows and how these wonderful birds migrate for the winter. The children made some paper swallows of their own and we displayed them in the classroom.


We received a lovely postcard from Sooty the swallow who had flown all the way to South Africa. The children are eager to write to Sooty and ask him questions about his long journey and what animals he has seen in South Africa. What animals do you think he has seen?

We will be writing our postcards next week. Watch this space.



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