Year 1 Blog Week 24

Challenge – How many special friends can you spot in this word?                                                                     Year 1 took on the phoneme spotter challenge this week. Wearing their special phoneme spotter glasses, the children worked hard to identify digraphs and trigraphs. The year 1 crew made light work of this challenge… the split vowel sounds didn’t stand a chance!

DSCF6138 DSCF6141 DSCF6142 DSCF6139 DSCF6140

Year 1 really do have green fingers! Our broad beans are gigantic! Jack would be very impressed.


DSCF6152 DSCF6151

The children had great fun planting their beans this week. We are really looking forward to harvesting our beans at the end of the summer.

DSCF6153 DSCF6156 DSCF6158

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  1. Edele
    Edele says:

    Lovely, great to see them using glasses which give them reading super powers! Great term – thank you to all the teachers for so much fun and so many trips!


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