Y6 Production song details

As well as learning your lines and stage directions, you need to know the songs. Below I have listed each song number (which corresponds with your scripts), followed by the song name and then who needs to learn it, with a video underneath to get familiar with the melodies. Please use the lyrics in your scripts rather than those in the videos.

Song 01 – Let’s Face the Music – Full cast

Song 02 – Bugsy Malone – Full cast

Song 03 – Fat Sam’s Grand Slam – Full cast

Song 04 – cut

Song 05 – Tomorrow – Fizzy

Song 06 – Show Business – Lena (remember, this song isn’t supposed to be sung nicely – it’s meant to be painful to listen to!)

Song 07 – Bad Guys – Fat Sam’s Gang only for first 3 verses, then full cast join in for last 2 verses

Song 08 – I’ve now decided to cut this song

Song 09 – I’m Feeling Fine – Blousey

Song 09a – Cut


Song 11 – Cut

Song 12 – My Name is Tallulah – Tallulah

Song 13 – Hit The Road, Sam – Fat Sam, Dandy Dan’s Gang, Dandy Dan (we’ll sort out who sings what once we’re back)

Song 13 (should be 14) – So You Wanna Be A Boxer – Cagey Joe & Bugsy

Song 15 – Ordinary Fool – Blousey

Song 16 – Down and Out – Bugsy

Song 17 – cut

Song 18 – You Give A Little Love

Verse 1 – Razzamataz

Verse 2 – Razzamataz + Bugsy + Fat Sam + Dandy Dan + Blousey + Tallulah

Verse 3 to the end – watch video to see who sings individual lines. Otherwise, full cast joins in.

Enjoy practising!

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