Welcome Back!

It was wonderful to welcome you all back this week. The children seemed very happy and excited and were all very eager to share their news and holiday experiences. This week we welcomed 30 new children to our Reception Class; Eloise, Gabriella, Clodagh, Mark, Herbie, Sophia DH, Jack P, Ruben, Sofia W, D’hani, Hanna, Oliver, Jack F, Isabella P, Sophia P, Emily, Roxelle, Leo, Scarlett, Dudley, Joseph, Rose, Leonardo, Connor, Jamie, Isabella B, Jayden, Emilia, Brody and Jake. A special welcome goes to our new families; The Beechey Family, The Townsend Family, The Connolly Family, The Sanchez Family, The Beal Family, The Daci Family, The Imam Family, The Lala Family, The Lo Guidice Family, The Stevens Family, The Tilynyak Family, The Donaldson-Hoare Family, The Wojcik Family, The Buddington Family, The Soma Family and The Petrou Family. We wish you every happiness as you join our Pope Paul School community


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