Week 9

Year 5 have been getting green fingered this week by planting our bulbs in the class garden. I look forward to seeing the results in the spring.

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As it is the month of Holy Souls, we have also been remembering those who have passed away. Many children have made bookmarks, or written the names of loved ones on our prayer list.

In R.E we have been learning about a prayer form called Lectio Divinia. The children have been able to see how this is a deeper form of prayer and have discussed the parts.

In computing, we have continued to build our knowledge of algorithms. We have been programming sprites to draw shapes, ensuring we are using the most efficient method to do so.

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This week, we have completed our free verse poems about a classroom after school. The children used some beautiful imagery to describe the scene:


‘And the pencils

Like logs

Lay on a blue carpet sea’- Sara


‘On a creamy coloured walls

Hung posters

Overcrowded with work’- Marco


‘Chapter books show off their pages’- Sophia  D


‘Dirty tables were proud of their mess

as they stood

in their favourite spots’- Thomas


‘Vacuums start to hum

The monster has arrived

Objects hide

At the thought of being captured

In its naughty jaws’ – Olivia


Worn out pencils on the floor

like useless logs in a forest’ – Jude


The indignant, dirty windows cried for help

Because they were no longer transparent’ – Toju



Home Learning

Maths- Mathletics

English- Skills test 3 and comprehension

Spellings- Debt, thumb, comb, climb, numb, lamb, doubt, crumb, tomb, bomb, limb and subtle.


Have a fantastic weekend


Mrs Lines