Week 8 Reception Class


This week we began our new topic, ‘Festivals and Celebrations’, with a focus on Diwali.

We learnt how about how Hindu families celebrate Diwali, the festival of light, by going to pray at the temple, lighting special diva lamps, coming together to eat special food and setting off fireworks in the evening. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and watched film clips about how Hindu families prepare for Diwali

We also learnt about rangoli patterns and had fun creating our own from a wide range of materials.

IMG_6560 IMG_6564 IMG_6568 IMG_6578 IMG_6582 IMG_6583 IMG_6585  IMG_6587 IMG_6586

We made diva lamps from clay.

IMG_6554 IMG_6555 IMG_6556

During circle time, we talked about keeping safe around fireworks and bonfires. We even wrote some safety posters.

IMG_6665 IMG_6670 IMG_6673

Some of the children decided to make a bonfire, complete with a seating area, from the large construction materials outside.


Other children made fireworks from junk modelling or created pictures using a computer programme.

IMG_6672 IMG_6676 IMG_6677 IMG_6680 IMG_6683 IMG_6685


IMG_6708 IMG_6711 IMG_6714

Finally, we have made a start on getting the flower beds ready for Spring by exploring and then planting bulbs.

IMG_6618 IMG_6620 IMG_6621 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6642 IMG_6643

Next week we will be learning about Remembrance Sunday.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception Team