Week 8

This week was One World Week and Year 1 learnt about France. The children located France on a map of Europe and wrote facts about France, they painted flags and they made the Eiffel tower with lego, bricks and straws. We enjoyed having a brunch with croissants and orange juice. In PE we made up a dance to a French song about fruits. Then we looked at a French artist called Georges Seurat and painted the Eiffel tower in the style of his paintings. Thank you for the wonderful home learning.

In Maths we used the cherry model to find as many ways as we can to make different numbers. We thought about how we could check if we found all of the possible ways. We added two and three numbers together to make a total.

In Science we investigated our sense of taste and smell. We tasted different flavour crisps and guessed what the flavour was. We smelt different things and guessed what they were.

On Friday we had an act of worship to celebrate Harvest. Thank you for your generous donations.

Find some Julia Donaldson and Jill Murphy books at home and read them as a family.

Have a wonderful half term


Mrs Carey


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