Week 8

We’ve had a very exciting week in year 5. The highlight had to be our trip to the Houses of Parliament on Thursday. It was an amazing experience to visit the galleries of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons to watch the debates and questions. The excitement of the children showed they truly understood what a special privilege this was. With the current Brexit situation, it was particularly special as we were able to see all the news crews outside, ready to report on voting outcomes. There were also many people there with signs to express their views. Following our tour, we headed to the education centre to take part in a workshop. Here Year 5 discussed a range of topics and explored them from many different angles. The workshop leader commented that she was very impressed. She felt that the children had interesting views that they were able to articulate well.

Mini Police was particularly amazing this week. The children were able to explore two vehicles, take part in drill training and learn all about the equipment.


It was great to see so many of you this morning. Well done to Evie and Louise for dancing so beautifully in the St Patrick’s Day assembly.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Lines

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  1. Fiona masterson
    Fiona masterson says:

    What a fantastic week. I love the mini police academy. I hope it’s the first time I see my daughter in the back of a police car, and looking so happy about it.

  2. Giovanna. B
    Giovanna. B says:

    I really enjoyed the Houses Of Parliament because it taught me about what being a politic is like. We got to go into the Houses of Commons and the Houses of Lords. It was very interesting and I really hope to visit there again.


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