Week 7

On Monday, we had a tour of the church. The children learnt about the signs and symbols in the church. The children shared their wonderful knowledge of stories in the Bible. The children were extremely respectful while walking around the church.

In Maths, we have been ordering 3 digit numbers. The children played a game to develop their thinking of where different digits go in order to make it a largest number or a smaller number.

In English, the children made a story board to plan their own playscript based on the story The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. Then they wrote a playscript and edited it. The children applied their learning on adverbs and stage directions.

This week was One World Week. We have been learning about COP26 and what we can to do to protect our world. The children wrote a letter to a Boris Johnson to tell him their thoughts on how we can work together to protect our world. The children grew cress seeds to encourage people to grow their own food. We made posters to encourage people to make good choices in their lives to help protect our world.

On Friday, we had a harvest assembly where we added a lea with our promises to help to protect our world. Today we said goodbye to Anna, we will miss her and look forward to hearing from her. We wish you luck in your new home and school. Thank you for the cakes Anna!

Have a wonderful holiday.

Home Learning

Spellings – nicer, nicest, later, writer, playful, hopeful, careful, hopeless, careless, kindness, sadness, happiness

Whole School Home Learning. here

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