Week 6

Another busy week of learning in Year 3. In English we started reading and identifying features of playscripts. The children compared a play script with a story of Alice and Wonderland. We have been looking a verbs and adverbs and acting out words so I partner could guess.

In Maths we have been adding 10 and 100 and explaining what happens to each of the digits. The children have been using Dienes equipment to demonstrate when we need to regroup. We have also been practising recalling the 2- and 5-times tables and their related division facts.

In PE, we continued ball skills. The children were learning how to control the ball with their feet.


In Religion, we were learning about metaphors used to describe God. We made a book of metaphors for God. We also thought about metaphors for our friends and for St Vincent.

In Computing, the children learn to login to their read theory accounts and complete an activity. In Art, we are focusing on drawing skills, we looked at and drew different textures.


Next week – Year 3 assembly on Friday 15th October at 9.15am.


Home Learning – Please complete by Wednesday

Read theory- Complete 2 activities. Username and password are in their reading records.

Mathletics – activity.

Hit the button – 5 and 2 times table and division facts.


Spellings– Homophones. Find the definition for each word.

Choose two words and write the word and definition in colourful writing to add to our spelling wall.

maid, made, great, grate, plain, plane, break, brake, sail, sale, main, mane


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey


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