Week 4 Autumn 2

Another a busy week in Year 3. The children have been learning another strategy when adding called compensation. Then they applied all the strategies they have learnt over the last few weeks to solving different calculations. The children were able to explain the strategy they used and why they thought that was the best strategy.

Our new writing topic is limericks. The children have enjoyed reading limericks, they have been identifying the features of a limerick and editing limericks that do not follow the correct pattern. Next week they will plan and write their own limericks. I look forward to sharing them with you.


In Science the children planned and did an investigation  to find the answer to the question How does the type of surface on the table affect the speed of the tub travelling on it? We used smooth wood, a towel, bubble wrap, net and felt. We found out that the tub moved quicker on smooth wood and moved the slowest on a towel. They explained their results by comparing the amount of friction each material has.

Well done to the children who are practising the songs for the Advent Service. Please continue to practise and if your child has a reading, please practise at home.

On Friday, the children added their Advent Promise on a star to the hall display.

Well done to the footballers who played in the tournament this week.

On Wednesday, we are going to the Annual Diocese of Westminster Schools Advent Service in Westminster Cathedral. If the children have a Nativity costume, please send it in a bag. We have a few costumes at school for children who do not have one. Please be at school by 8.30am as we will have to leave on time to get our train.

Home Learning

Spelling shed forgetting, forgotten, beginning, preferred, permitted, regretting, committed, forbidden, propelled, equipped


Timetables Please practise timetables on   Timestables Rockstars
Advent Service Songs and Christmas Songs Please learn the Advent Service song and the Christmas songs for Westminster on the blog.



Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Carey


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