Week 5: 18th May

This week, we have spent time preparing for our celebrations for Grand Parents Day.  The children have composed poems and prayers about their Nanny and Grand dads.  In RE, we have begun finding out about how Martyrs died for their Roman Catholic Faith and have learnt about the importance of the Tyburn Tree.  In Maths, we have been putting our knowledge of multiplication into context.  In English, the children have continued to learn more about ‘The Runaways’ and have become aware in  grammar about standard and non-standard forms of English.  In Art the children are making poppies for the Potters Bar Carnival.  They’re coming on really well.

Friday was our Red, White and Blue day and the children looked wonderful.  Thank you for assisting them in getting prepared for this special day.

We think of Maria who is preparing to receive her First Holy Communion on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend.



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