Week 4


This week, we have continued to work on our persuasive techniques in English and have been adding and subtracting powers of 10 in maths. We have also looked at the symbols, actions and words used in the sacraments of initiation and discussed their meanings.

On Tuesday, we went outside to learn more about our school environment. The children learnt how to take leaf samples and then identified the leaves we had collected. We also had a look at some similarities and differences in the shape, look and feel of the leaves. The children made some fantastic observations and can now name many of the trees.

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Today, we spoke about what the moon looked like in the sky and why it seems to change shape. We each created mini moons and coloured half of a ball black to represent the dark side. We then went outside and mimicked the moons orbit of the earth. This allowed the children to see why the moon looked different in the sky.

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Home Learning


Book 4

 ‘Ordering and Comparing Numbers’ Pgs 10 and 11.

‘Roman Numerals’ Pg 15

Book 5

‘Ordering and Comparing Big Numbers’ Pg 8

‘Roman Numerals’ Pg 11



SPAG.COM, Reading comprehension and spellings. 




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