week 4 w.b. 21.11.2022

On Friday we joined the whole school in marking the start of The Season of Advent. We placed our Advent Promises on the board for all to see. We are looking forward to changing our prayer table and R.E. board on Monday to mark the transition towards Christmas.

In English we received a letter from Farmer duck to tell us that he was fed up and has left the farm for a holiday! He had left us instructions on how to take care of the farm but he muddled the order up! We worked really hard to reorder then and add in time connectives to sequence the instructions. We wrote them up in our best handwriting with our best spellings and we have taken a copy home to show you! If a letter wasn’t enough, on Thursday we received a postcard from Farmer Duck! He explained his reasons for leaving and asked us if we had any ideas how he could be happier on the farm. We had loads of ideas and included them in our postcards back to him. We hope he comes back soon as we will be writing the story of Farmer Duck next week and really need his help! Come back soon Farmer Duck!!


We have really enjoyed the last week of addition and subtraction problems in maths. We enjoyed using our water bottles to knock down and add together and we put masking tape on the carpet squares to add together. We worked really hard as a class to solve addition problems by adding the two bottom numbers to write the answer above. We liked it so much we asked for some for additional home learning!

We got very excited when our new bookcase arrived this week! We worked hard together to categorise our books. We especially liked the drawer units underneath and found them perfect to fit some comics in. If your child has enjoyed and finished reading a comic, please may you donate it to our comic drawer? It doesn’t matter if the activities have been filled in, we still enjoy reading them! We really liked our superhero drawer…

We learnt about Miss Lambie’s favourite sound this week, ‘ea’ cup of tea! We applied it well in our writing and have Spelling Shed activities to complete.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie

  • Please may children have their reading books in their bags every day.
  • Please can you spare any boxes of tissues, we are very sneezy at the moment and have gone through three boxes this week!
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