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Year 1 had a very busy week. On Tuesday, they took part in a special mass at the school to mark the start of the new school year – welcoming the reception and new children across the year groups into the school. Later that afternoon, they made an old fashioned toy ‘cup and cone’ made out of paper a piece of string and a conker. On Wednesday, they visited OLSV to learn about Baptism. Father Shaun talked Year 1 and Year 2 children through the ceremony and discussed the meaning of the objects and symbols. The children sat beautifully throughout and listened attentively. On Thursday, KS1 were very lucky to take part in a ‘Perform Drama’ session called ‘Under the Sea’ in which they pretended to be sea creatures whilst trying to avoid the sharks. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this.


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  1. Laura Flatley
    Laura Flatley says:

    A lovely insight into what the children learnt this week. The ‘cone and ball’ games look fantastic and the children look extremely proud of their hard work. It also looks like they had lots of fun in the drama workshop.


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