Week 3

Another fun, busy week in Year 3! In Maths, we have continued using equipment and pictures to make numbers to 100. We have been using mathematical vocabulary to compare numbers and have been investigating different ways of making 3-digit numbers.

In English, we read War and Peas by Michael Foreman. We imagined we met the mean king and retold our experience meeting him. We designed our own imaginary world of food and wrote some excellent descriptions.

In Religion, we have been thinking about how we learn about God.

In Science, we learnt about how plants make their own food and how animals get their food.

We had fun learning the letter A and B then we played Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. In Geography, we compared the weather in July in different countries. In Computing we were introduced to programming blocks and identify the objects in the Scratch project (sprites and backdrops)

Thank you for coming to the Meet the Teacher Meeting, if you were unable to attend all the information is on the Year 3 class page.

Thank you for sending in plants for our class garden. If you have not, please could you send a plant in next week.

Home Learning


prefix un and dis

unhappy, unlike, undo, unusual, untie, undress

disagree, disappear, dishonest, disobey, dislike, disallow

Mathletics – please complete the activities.

Reading – Read a fable – write the moral of the fable in colourful joined up writing to add to our display.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carey

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