Week 4: 29th September

Another busy week has flown by!

We celebrated Mass with Fr Shaun on Tuesday and the children read the bidding prayers so reverently.  Well done to Samuel, Jude, Mikey, Sofia and Elysia.  On Wednesday evening, many of the children came to celebrate Mass for St Vincent’s de Paul’s Feast Day.  In class, we learnt about St Vincent and the importance of  Matthew 25:35 in his work of charity….’I was hungry and you gave me food.  I was thirsty and you gave me drink.  I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’

The children worked collaboratively and they wrote their own class prayer for our class reflection today:

Dear God our loving Father,

Help us to care for the strangers among us especially those who have special needs.  Please help them in their journey in life.  We want them to come in as our door is always open.


Today, we had our class assembly and the children taught the rest of the school the importance of healthy eating in word and song. I was very proud of them as they spoke well and sang beautifully! Thank you to all the parents and friends who came to see them this morning and for assisting them to learn the songs during the week.

The children have come home this afternoon with a homework bag which contains:

  1.  A purple home learning exercise book (this is to be used for any English homework).
  2. A yellow home learning Maths book.
  3. A Year 4 Maths Workout Book (this is not to be written in).
  4. A green spelling log book (children are to practise their weekly spellings in this book using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method).

Click here for the home learning sheet  The children have stuck their home learning sheet into their purple books.

There will be homework club during Monday lunchtime.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara


We’re bananas about bananas!

Our Class Assembly

Our Class Assembly

We LOVE grapes!                                  We LOVE tomatoes!

IMG_0141 IMG_0146 IMG_0147 IMG_0148


5 replies
  1. fiona masterson
    fiona masterson says:

    great assembley i love how Lou-Lou slipped on the bannana prel with Irish dance flair. Thank you for the homework club I will be honnest I would be lost without it.

  2. Giovanna Brett
    Giovanna Brett says:

    I really enjoyed the assembly and I also loved being a banana and a kiwi . My favourite part was when Louise slipped on the banana skin and loads of people burst out laughing.

  3. Beth Darling
    Beth Darling says:

    A wonderful assembly. I was so impressed with the way the children presented their topic on healthy eating. No one missed a line and best of all they looked like they were having fun up there. It was lovely to watch. Well done Year 4!

  4. Sarah Brett
    Sarah Brett says:

    Loved the assembly – great to see the children enjoying playing their parts.
    Slightly mixed message getting a pack of Haribo as a reward though…
    Bring on the bananas!


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