Week 3

A great week of learning. We began the week with an assembly to begin anti bullying week. The children recognised many ways that people bully others. They were able to identify bullying in different scenarios that we discussed. They were able to name five adults who they would tell if someone was upsetting them.

In Maths we have been subtracting with different objects and counting back on the number line. We have been recording subtraction in the cherry model to recognise the relationship between addition and subtraction. The children applied their learning to problem solving.


The children planned and wrote their own stories about losing something. They used the skills we have learnt this term in their writing; capital letters, fingers spaces, full stops, adjectives and the conjunction and.

Year 1 has a remote trip with Whipsnade Zoo! We learnt about the different types of animals and their diets. They asked fantastic questions and listened to the speaker. We had Toto the lion listening to our questions.

In Art we learnt to mix primary colours to make other colours.

This week, we have been practising the prayer Hail Mary. Please continue to practise this prayer with your child.

Thank you for supporting your children to make bird feeders. All of them looked wonderful! The children were able to tell the class how they made them. They have taken them home to see if they can catch a bird eating in their feeder. Send in photos if you catch them!

Next week we will be learning and applying the Phase 5 sounds. I will be sending some phonics for home learning so please send in your plastic Home Learning folders on Monday.

Home Learning


Reading and Spelling

Can you find an animal living in your garden or in the park? Look for worms, ladybirds, spiders or snails. Take a photo or write a description about it!

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey

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