Week 20

The new half term started with a focus on Lent and a chance to come together as a school for a whole school Act of Worship. The children put lots of thought into their Lenten promises and placed them on our very special Lenten tree.

IMG_8890 IMG_8894

As part of our new topic ‘Growing’, Reception are looking at different life cycles. On Monday, we took delivery of some chick eggs. It has been so exciting watching them hatch and grow. We have them until next Friday; if any younger siblings want to come and meet them, please just ask at the end of the day and you will be very welcome.

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IMG_8930In Maths, we have been very busy learning about the concept of one more than/ one less than. This is actually a very tricky concept for Reception age children, but a very important thing to grasp if they are to understand addition and subtraction!

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Our book focus this week has been The Ugly Duckling. We have had some fantastic discussions about bullying and differences. The children have written messages to the mean ducks, as if they were the poor ugly duckling character,  they have made swan pictures and bird feeders and used a variety of materials to make their own nests!

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Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team