Week 2

Roald Dahl Day

On Wednesday, we celebrated Roald Dahl day. We began with a treasure hunt, where the children followed clues about his books to take them to questions involving place value. The children showed excellent teamwork skills and lots of energy to find and solve the clues.  It was then time to go back to the classroom, where their reward was a sweet treat that even Mr Wonka would have been proud of! With the taste of chocolate on their tongues, we all watched film clips of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. This helped us to imagine being there and create a description of the setting.

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In science, we have been learning about our solar system. After finding out the order of the planets, we began thinking about their size. By using fruit we were able to understand how big they are in relation to each other. See if your child can tell you about which was the smallest/largest and make comparisons to the size of Earth.

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Home Learning

Maths- Using the Text book, complete the test on the previous year’s objectives. Also complete the following, depending on which book you have:

Book 4- ‘Place Value and Partitioning’

Book 5- Complete ‘Place Value in Big Numbers’

Literacy- Complete the comprehension. Answers should be in the book, not on the sheet.  There are also SPAG.com activities set. The children have written their passwords and usernames in their home learning books.

Apologies for not sending out the SPAG information sheet as discussed at our meeting. I will print this and send it home with the children next week. Until then, you can view the document here.

Spelling home learning has also been set. We are consolidating our year 3 and 4 words and so there are more than usual. In the green spelling book, they should read, cover, write and then check. There is space to do this twice in this book. As this is their first week, the children are of course not expected to practice last week’s spellings.


All home learning is due on Tuesday, with the exception of spelling, which is Friday.


Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Lines

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