Week 2 Spring Term

The class have been very sacramental this week – showing gentleness, kindness and patience towards one another. They enjoyed sharing their home learning with one another and have reflected on where they see God in the world.

The children have also been developing a deeper understanding of how to collect, interpret and present data (statistics) – this week’s mathletics home learning tasks will reflect this learning. Our new English topic is based on the book Atlas Adventures. The children seem to be enjoying learning about different countries and using prepositions and adjectives to describe what they’ve learnt.

As well as mathletic home learning the children have been set a spag.com activity.


Group 1: actual, actually, accident, accidentally, business, caught, centre, century, certain, certainly, circle, disappear.

Group 2 : under, up, use, very, walk. Please challenge yourself by choosing 3 of the group 1 spellings. 

Communion lessons start again this weekend.

Miss Pringle