Week 2

What a wonderful week of learning! The children have been engaged in our story The Last Noo-Noo By Jill Murphy. The children made wonderful noo-noo catchers at home and in school. We sequenced pictures and text and then the children wrote amazing recounts of the story. We are focusing on our handwriting to ensure each letter is on the line and is the correct size.

Our topic in PE is Seasons. This week we looked at ice skating, the children created their own movements to make a dance.

In Science we are learning about Materials. We sorted different objects into groups according to their materials. We found some objects were made of more than one material.

Home Learning

Our sounds this the week were ph, wh and ew. Please practise reading and writing words with these sounds.

Spellings- boot, took, foot, wood, good, when, little

Mrs Carey