Week 2: 17th January

This week, the children continued their RE work on People of prayer and from reading Matthew’s Gospel, learnt about the Sermon on the Mount, acting out the story and what Jesus spoke about in the Beatitudes.  They also examined the Beatitudes.

In Maths, the children continued their numberwork on factors and have continued to work hard in learning their timetables.

In Science, they investigated a dancing raisin experiment to teach them about states of matter and the children thoroughly enjoyed observing the raisins.  They could see the bubbles stick to the rough surface of a raisin with the raisin being lifted because of the increase in buoyancy.

In PE they continued with their dance session and in drumming with Kaz, they continued to develop their understanding of music notation and played a three part djembe piece.


It was a pleasure to hear how our wonderful school received its outstanding judgement showing the outstanding commitment of all members of our school community through our home, school and parish partnership.  We are proud that our pupils’ behaviour and their living out of the Gospel values were recognised and thank you for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara and Mrs Dunning



Revise their 6- and 7-times tables. Design a rap to help you learn your 6 or 7 tables.


SPAG.com – log on to complete two activities on apostrophes.

Spellings: words ending ‘ture’

mixture, adventure, capture, feature, moisture, nature, picture, vulture, creature, fracture, puncture, culture



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