Week 2

Another busy week of learning. In Maths we have been learning the strategy ‘Think 5’ when adding. Using a variety of resources and pictures, children persevered at this new concept. The children used the cherry models on the playground to make a number in lots of different ways.

In English we have been writing recounts using sentence starters first, next, then and after. We read the book Where’s my Teddy? And the children described the character’s feelings.

In PE the children were moving in different directions to avoid getting caught. They practised controlling the ball with their feet.

On Wednesday we had an assembly and the children were respectful in the two-minute silence.

In Science, we have been developing out observation and reasoning skills. We have been picking the odd one out of different objects and explaining our choices. Then we learnt about the different animal groups; reptiles, mammals, fish, amphibians and The children have been sorted animals into these groups.

In Art we looked at the artist Piet Mondrian and replicated some of his artwork.


Home Learning

Practise forming all letters correctly and writing on the line. We have been practising writing letters f, g , j, p, q and y where their body sits on the line and their legs go under the line.

Reading and Spelling


Make a bird box – We have been learning about different types of animals. One of the groups we learnt about was birds. Please make a bird box to feed birds. I have attached some examples. Please can the children bring in their bird box to show to the class then they can leave it outside somewhere at home with some bird food in it. Can you get a photo of a bird using your bird box? Send the bird boxes in by Friday 20th November.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

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