Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you had a nice day yesterday. I’m sure that all your Runner beans enjoyed the nice drop of rain. As you can see from the photograph above our Forget-Me-Not flowers are in bloom in our Year 2 garden.  In the table below you will find today’s learning activities. Remember that you can keep in contact with me by posting comments to the Year 2 Blog or by sending me an email at 

Don’t forget to send your pictures/video clips for our virtual May Procession. Remember the deadline for sending your pictures/videos is Friday!

Have a lovely day,

Miss Davey


Subject Activity





Prayer for Wednesday 29th April 2020


Living God, we look for you in all people.

May we be inspired to treat each other with respect, sharing generously and reaching out to help those who are in need.


Handwriting Copy and complete these sentences using this week’s spelling words into your handwriting books.

James tried to sing along _______ he couldn’t remember all the words.
You must _________ start a sentence with a capital letter.
The bean plant had a long, vertical ________.

It was ________ time for dinner.

‘I need you _____ to be quiet for a moment’ said the teacher.

Reading Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Harper Collins website:



Use the Teacher Login area.










































Morning Challenge



WALT: Tell the time – 15 minutes later

Write the time given under each clock then draw in the time that is 15 minutes later on the next door clock and write that time under the second clock


Extension Challenge:

Write the times 30 minutes after the first time.










Wednesday 29th April 2020
WALT: Use commas in a list. 

When we write a list in a sentence we use a form of punctuation called a commaCommas look like full stops with tails. They are used to separate items like apples, bananas,plums and pears. The last two items in a list must always have the word ‘and’ in between them.

Below you will find a list of the Head Chef’s favourite foods. Rewrite this list, editing for commas.


I enjoy eating ripe strawberries pink trifle  falafels beef and onion crisps fresh fish oysters  cornflakes chicken liver pate shark-fin soup garlic bread  frozen peas Brussels sprouts steak and kidney pie tortillas chocolate chip cookies Banoffee pie chicken stew and a big tub of fudge flavoured ice –cream.

























Listening and appreciation

Listen to the following piece of music and record your answers in your lined writing books.

Is this music happy or sad?

Is it fast or slow?

What instruments can you hear?

What does this piece of music make you think of?

Did you enjoy the piece? Explain our answer.


Magnificent moving pictures and creative clocks!