Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you had a nice day yesterday. In the table below you will find today’s learning activities. Remember that you can keep in contact with me by posting comments to the Year 2 Blog or by sending me an email at 

I received lots of lovely emails yesterday. It is great to hear about how you are all getting on with the learning activities. 

Thank you to the parents/carers who sent me lots of wonderful photographs. It looks like there are plenty of green fingers in Year 2. Check out the photos at the end of the blog.

If you are happy for me to upload your photographs to the blog please confirm this in your email. Thank you for your continued support. 

Have a lovely day and stay safe!

Miss Davey

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Lenten Prayer for Wednesday 25th March

Mary, the angel brought you joyful news for all the world: that you would give birth to Jesus. Pray for me to find joy in carrying out the tasks that God has given me and to support others so that they too may live a dignified and full life. 


On this feast of Our Lady, spend two minutes watching ‘Queen of all creation’ meditation, with beautiful words by Pope Francis from his encyclical Laudato Sí’


Our Lady and Saint Vincent Church

10am Mass – The Annunciation of the Lord

You can access the live streaming via the parish website .














Copy and complete these sentences using this week’s spelling words into your handwriting books.

Rudolph had a very ________ nose.

We went _________ in the countryside at the weekend.

The children __________ up the hill.

The bright star was even ________ than he had remembered.

The ________ carried a map on her long walk.


Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.

You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Oxford Owl website:



Use the Class Login area.











































Morning Challenge
Guess my number.It is an even number.It is between 20 and 25.It has two different digits.

What is my number? Explain your reasoning.


Guess my number.

It is an odd number.

It is less than 20.

It is greater than 10.

Start at 0 and count in 5s and you will get this number.

What is my number? Explain your reasoning.


Guess my number.

It is an even number.

The digit in the tens’ place is larger than the digit in the ones’ place.

If you add the digits the sum is 5.

What is my number? Explain your reasoning.


WALT: Solve number puzzles.

Extension Challenge:

Create your own 100 square puzzles.

Create your own ‘Guess my number’ puzzles.










Wednesday 25th March 2020
WALT: Use suffixes – ‘ed’ and ‘ing’

‘ed’ or ‘ing’ Ending

Fill in the blanks using the ‘ed’ or ‘ing’ version of the word in bold.

  1. I found the hamster ________________ in its home. Hide
  2. The cat was _____________ at the dog. Hiss
  3. The boy ___________ on with the race even though he was hurt. Carry
  4. Without my umbrella I was ________________  from the rain. Soak
  5. I am really ___________ my guitar lesson. Enjoy
  6. Today, I ____________ to school. Cycle
  7. ____________ to school takes 30 minutes. Walk
  8. Sarah ____________ to pack her things away. Start
























Listening and appreciation

Listen to the following piece of music and record your answers in your lined writing books.

Is this music happy or sad?

Is it fast or slow?

What instruments can you hear?

Did you enjoy the piece? Explain our answer.


Runner Bean photographs

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