Wednesday 22nd April Learning

Good morning Year 1. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I have loved looking at the photos of your learning. Thank you for the amazing video of the children dancing. I loved it and it made me smile!

Here is your learning today.

PE Choose your favourite song and dance to it. Can you make up a dance? Teach your family.

Write the short date in your maths book




Draw a number line from 0-20

Use your number line to answer the following questions.

9 + 6 =

12 + 4 =

16 + 3 =

12 – 6 =

10 – 5 =

Fruits Tally Total

Draw this table into your books. Ask your family members their favourite fruits. Can you ask aunties, uncles, grandparents? Put a cross thorough to show 5 then you count them in fives. See the example below.

English Practise your spellings for this week. Write each spelling four times in your handwriting book. Remember to stay in lines like the examples in your book.

Read the text on the link below and answer the questions on the sheet or in your writing book

Wednesday’s English 1

Phonics Read the words      work     friends

Practise spelling    little

We can pronounce the letter a different ways when we read and spell words.

ar –fast, path, pass last, past, mast

o- watch, what, wasp, squash, squad, wash

Can you read these sentences?

Pass the branch to father. 

My friends watch TV.

 Reading Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read. Record the books you have read in your reading record. Use oxford owl or Collins Connect

Click My Class login

Username- Popepaul2020

Password- Ilovereading2020

Go to books, ebooks, click on book band and choose your child’s colour. Choose a book. Remember to read the book a few times over the week and talk about the book. Play the activities linked to the books you read.

Computing Can you type up two sentences about the book you reading using word on a computer or ipad? Can you change the size/colour of your text?