Wednesday 1st April – 2020

Good Morning Y3,


I hope you are all well. Here is today’s learning;




Choose five different words from this list to practice and copy them out four times.

calendar, caught, centre, century, certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear, early.



WALT: use commas for lists.

1)      Write a shopping list in one sentence, using commas to separate the items in the list.

Here is a sentence starter:

At the shop, we need to buy:

2)      Punctuate these sentences with commas in the lists.

a) From the market, Gabriela bought three bananas a bunch of grapes and some ham.

b) Alfie’s recipe needed two eggs plain flour and sugar.

c) Charlie tidied up his cars his clothes his art set and his books.

d) In Monica’s money box, she had some pound coins twenty pence pieces five pence pieces and pennies.

e) In Ms Varga’s baby’s cot there was a rattle a dummy and a soft toy.

f) Last night Mrs Heymoz ate a pie some chips and a pudding.



Read for 10 minutes and record what you have read in your reading record.


Please put the short date into your maths book along with the title Fluency 


Here are your 6 fluency questions to copy and complete – remember to put one digit in one square. 




Mathletic tasks have been set for Thursday and Friday – please complete the assigned fluency tasks for these days first and then log onto mathletics to complete the online activities.




WALT follow the stations of the cross.


In your English book (lined paper), draw a picture of the First Station surrounded by these keywords : condemned, Jesus, Pilate, Crucify Him! alone, death.