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Walk to School Week: 21st May – 25th May







We are encouraging pupils, parents or carers to swap four wheels for two feet and give walking a go this Walk to School Week 21st to 25th May.

As part of the challenge this year, pupils will be encouraged to wear the shoes that make them happiest – whether that is the brightest, jazziest or craziest shoes they own, to celebrate Living Streets’ Happy Shoesday on Tuesday 22nd May when we will be celebrating.

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Our message in school is that walking to school is a brilliant way to get active and healthy. It’s also a great opportunity for our children to learn vital road safety skills and make sure they’re alert and ready to learn at the start of a new day. Walk to School Week is part of National Walking Month organised by ‘Living Streets’.

This year Living Streets is urging families to pledge to walk to school via their website. Please bring a suggested donation of £1.00, to be sent to Living streets, the UK’s only charity for everyday walking. Living Streets say:

  •  parents who walk find the journey to school less stressful,
  •  petrol bill goes down, and pollution
  •  fewer traffic queues and parking issues
  • children perform better at school
  • Children & parents feel healthier and fitter.
  • Teachers report that those pupils who walk to school are more attentive once they reach their desks. 

Over 400,000 pupils took part in Walk to School Week 2017 – and this year is shaping up to be even bigger.

Please join in and support this fundraising campaign!

Click on this link to show your support for this wonderful campaign.


Mrs McNamara, Tom and Conrad (Year 6)

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  1. Giovanna .B
    Giovanna .B says:

    I just wore my school shoes because they are my favourite shoes. It was so fun looking at everybody else’s shoes too.


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