w.b. 10th October

The children are enjoying their P.E. topic and are working hard in their teams to complete their challenges.

The children had a fantastic time on their trip yesterday and their behaviour was excellent. Next week the children will be writing a recount based on their experience and using their newfound animal knowledge after half term with their ‘Animal’ science topic. Thank you to all the staff and parents who accompanied KS1 on their trip as it would not be possible without you all!



Please continue to read with your child daily and comment in the reading record about anything they found challenging or any sounds they were unsure about. Reading books will only be changed when the child is reading the book fluently. Your comments support us in making that decision to change books or if they need to read it again. Please remember to have reading folders in daily. Thank you for your continued support.

Children are invited to bring in a small cuddly toy and a small treat for snack on Monday 17th October to enjoy at our cuddly toy tea party to celebrate our English learning on ‘Plenty of Love to go around’. Please make sure it is not their favourite toy as they will be staying in school all week so the children can use them in their History topic ‘Toys’ too and then they will go home for half term.

Well done on another fantastic learning week Year 1 and I will see you all on Monday,

Miss Lambie

Home learning – last home learning as none will be set for half term so this one can go over the two weeks.

  • Phase 4 snakes and ladders and maze has been sent home for consolidation of the learning this week; there is no need to hand this back to me as it is additional support for home. It can be challenging to hear the clusters in some of the words and they are being spelt and read incorrectly e.g. wet instead of went and jumt instead of jump.
  • Tricky words we focused on this week: have, like, some, come, (phase 4) was, you (revised phase 3).
  • Mathletics has been set but you also have free access to all games and challenges within it.
  • Spelling Shed Phase 3 revision has been set and you also have free access to other games and sounds. I have emailed Spelling Shed about some of the queries and challenges some of you have mentioned this week but unfortunately I can not fix them myself.
  • As always, daily reading and revising phonic sounds. Please continue to use the ‘spelling strategies’ sheets that I sent home for additional support the second week. I will work on making some templates for the games that you may wish to use.
  • See last week’s blog for additional home learning links to further support Year 1. These have been added to the Year 1 webpage too.
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