Tuesday, 30th June 2020

Dear Year 4,

Thank you for continuing to keep in touch and sending us photos of your learning.

It was William P’s 9th Birthday yesterday…so Happy Birthday from all of us William!!

Free Birthday Clipart - Animations

We look forward to seeing a picture of you soon!

Have a wonderful day of learning.

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

PE Click here for your Active June worksheet.How many gold levels are you up to?

If you enjoy the Joe Wicks workout, please continue to have fun with his daily activities.

Morning Prayer

Find a quiet place to sit and reflect…


Jack’s family cat Tabitha passed away a few weeks ago. Please remember Jack in your prayers.


Following Jesus

Thanks be to you, O Lord Jesus Christ,

for all the benefits which you have won for us,

for all the pains which you have borne for us.

O most merciful Friend and Brother,

may we know you more clearly,

love you more dearly,

and follow you more nearly, day by day.











Read Theory


Reading Log

Did you enjoy the book link from yesterday? Read this version of the traditional tale today.


Log onto Read theory and complete at least 5 exercises


What are you reading?  Have you been updating your reading log?

Post us a picture of your reading logs!!  We would love to hear about the current book you are reading.

Spelling https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/47/29-Word-list-years-3-and-4—fo–to-h

Word list: forward, fruit, grammar, group, guard, guide, heard, heart, height, history

In your neatest handwriting, write a sentence or a paragraph with each word.




Fluency: Recognise and Describe 2D shapes

Video:  Click here

Click here for the worksheet and here for the answers.

Main Activity:  Comparison sum and difference.

Video: Click here

Click here for the worksheet and here for the answers.

English Click here for today’s learning. You are going to use a picture prompt today to practice writing a dialogue.
Wider curriculum

This week is our Virtual Sports Week, so afternoon learning will be focused on the theme of the Olympics. Click here for the power point that will take you through the daily events and cross-curricular activities.

Please remember to send us your scores!