Tuesday, 28th April, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

Thank you to those of you who have been in touch. We miss you too and it is lovely to see your faces and your work.

We can see that you have been busy with the work set online.

Many of you are also exploring other activities which is lovely to see!  Remember, choose a time to start and finish your learning and make sure that you take breaks during the day.

Manus and Lola have written their own playscripts……

Jack and Phoebe are doing lots of  reading, Ellie and William have done extra music practice, Joshua is enjoying cycling  and so many of you have done creative things from artwork and baking, to model building! Well done!

Lola has enjoyed time in the woods with her family  and Manus and Jack have shared their poems with us.

Manus’ Playscript Henry VII

Lola’s Playscript

The Future Past with my Magic Eye  poem by Manus (Click on the poem to open the document)

Before you start today’s work, click here look over the answers for yesterdays work.

Please let us know how you are getting on and keep sending us pictures. We love to see them.

A reminder: you can keep in contact with us by sending an email to: year4@popepaul.herts.sch.uk.

Continue to try your best in doing your learning each day.

Remember, read through each activity for today’s learning and keep your handwriting neatly presented as you complete each task.

Click here for today’s learning.

Things for you to try at home if you have time : Have a look!

Ideas Sheet 1          Ideas Sheet 2

Get Creative!  Click here for ideas!

Do!               Click here for ideas!


Investigate!      Click here for ideas!


We’d love to see all the great learning the children are doing at home.

A way to share this with the class is to take a photo of your child’s work and email it to us!