Tuesday 24th January Learning

Good morning Year 1. Here is your learning today.


PE Joe Wick’s daily workout live at 9am



Write the short date in your maths book


Count to 100 in ones.

Copy the following into your Maths books


7 + ____ = 20

9 + ____= 16

Double 8 =

14- 4 =

Half of 16 =


Use objects or draw pictures to help you solve the following calculations. Write them in your maths books

10 – 6 =         14 – 5 =

10 -5 =           13 – 3 =

10 –7 =           15 – 4 =

10 – 8 =         20 –12=

Extension – Write the number sentences and answers in your books.

25 – 12=        24 – 14 =      36 – 15=

There were 26 biscuits on a plate. Mo eats 5 of them. How many are left?

There are 22 cars in a car park. 9 drive away. How many are left?

Tom has 16 sweets, Peter has 19 sweets and Sue has 5 less than Tom. How

many does Sue have?

Music Body Beat – live at 11am




Write the date in your book.

Practise your spellings for this week

Write each spelling four times in your handwriting book. Remember to stay in the lines like the examples in your book.

Read a book with an adult. Write a description about the setting (the place) Can you use lots of exciting adjectives. Remember capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting.

Phonics https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html

Choose phase 3 and then phase 5 and choose revise all phase 5. Play the game.

Do activity mat 3 that was sent home.

Reading Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read.

If you have finished your reading books



password: ilovereading2020

Go to books, ebooks, click on book band and choose your child’s colour. Choose a book. Remember to read the book a few times over the week and talk about the book. Play the activities linked to the books you read.

RE Read Matthew’s story of the Last supper https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+26%3A17-35&version=NIV

Set out a table like Jesus did and act out the last supper. In your writing book stick a photo of your table or draw a picture and write some sentences about the story. You can email me some photos to add to the blog.

Please email me if you need help or advice.

Mrs Carey