Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Year 1.I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Thank you for the lovely photos of your learning.

Here is your learning today.

PE Choose one of the activities to do.




Write the short date in your maths book



Tuesday Maths

Mathletics Activities set.


Write the date


www.spag.com – email me for your child’s username and password.

Look at the link below and in your writing book explain why Iggy thinks what he says. Do the sheets 1, 2 and 3.

Tuesday’s English

Phonics Read the words work, friends

Practise spelling little


We can pronounce the letter a different ways when we read and spell words.

a – cat, mat, chap

ay – acorn, bacon, angel, native, Amy, baby


Can you read these sentences?

I have an apron at work.

The cat sat on the mat.

Reading Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read. Record the books you have read in your reading record. Write a sentence about each book read. Did you like it? Why? Would you recommend it to someone? What was your favourite part? If you did not like it, why? What would you change about the story?



Username- parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password- Parents20!

Click on Collins Big Cat.

Click on the colour book band – try the next colour for your child this term. For example: If your child is Yellow click the colour below yellow (blue) Choose a book. Remember to read the book a few times over the week and talk about the book. Click on resources for some activities on the book.

Science  Go outside and use your senses to go on a scavenger hunt. Click on the link below.


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