Thursday 4th June 2020

Good morning Year 2,

Subject Activity
Prayer Prayer for Thursday 4th June 2020

God who cannot be bound

Flow into our hearts and minds

Wear down our resistance to your love

And refresh us with the spirit of your compassion

Today, as we commit ourselves once more to your work

We ask you to show us how to hold the needs of your world

At the heart of our lives

And to celebrate your many gifts with joy

May your power transform our lives

May your Spirit set us free

And may the blessing of God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Be with us all now and for ever


Spellings & Handwriting Compose a sentence for five of the spellings words and write your sentences in your handwriting book.









Reading Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Harper Collins website:



Use the Teacher Login area.

Maths 04-06-2020
Morning Challenge
Fluency 5 x 2

50p + 60p =

£1 > ____

___ < 90p

five 10 pence coins =

ten 5 pence coins =

47p – 19p =

75, 70, 65, 60, ___, ____, ___, ____, ____,

100p = ____

200p = ____

150p = ____

WALT: Solve a reasoning problem

This problem requires a systematic approach. Think about the following key questions:

How will you make 1p?
How will you make 2p? …
How will you make sure you can pay for all the amounts from 1p to 15p?
How will you record your answers? Number sentences, pictures, a table… you decide!
English Thursday 4th June 2020
Reading comprehensionWhy hares have long ears!

Once upon a time a hare made friends with a goat, and they started living together and sharing everything.

One day the goat said to the hare: ‘Let’s build a house!’

‘Let’s!’ answered the hare.

So off they went into the forest for some logs. They came up to a tree and the goat said: ‘I’ll knock this tree down!’

‘You’ll never!’ said the hare.

‘Oh, but I will. I’ll just show you!’ answered the goat.

And he took a long run and went CRASH! into the tree with his horns, and the tree fell down.

And the hare said to himself: ‘So that’s the way to knock trees down! Now I shall be able to do the same.’

And they came to another tree, and the hare said: ‘I’ll knock this tree down!’

‘You’ll never!’ said the goat.

‘Oh, but I will. I’ll just show you!’ answered the hare.

And he took a long run and went CRASH! into the tree with his forehead!

And the tree still stood where it was before, but the hare’s head had gone right into his shoulders.

The goat saw that he must get the hare’s head out from his shoulders, and he caught hold of the hare b he ears and began to pull. He pulled and pulled and pulled, till at last he hare cried: ‘STOP!’

But the goat went on pulling. He pulled the hare’s head back to its proper place, and his ears went way out from his head!

And that’s why hares have long ears. The end.

Answer the following questions. Remember to write full answers.


  1. What were the goat and the hare going to do with the logs?
  2. Where did the hare and the goat find the tree?
  3. What did the goat say he could do?
  4. How did the hare think that trees were knocked down?
  5. What happened when the hare crashed into the tree?
  6. What did the goat have to do for the hare?
  7. Why was the goat able to knock down the tree?
  8. How do you think the goat felt after knocking down the tree?
  9. How do you think the hare felt after trying to knock down the tree?
  10. What does this story explain?
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