Thursday 23rd April Learning

Good morning Year 1. Thank you for the photos of your wonderful learning.

Chloe’s book report

Here is your learning today.

PE Can you throw and catch a ball? How many times can you catch it without

dropping it?

Can you make a goal/target to throw your ball into? Try an overarm

throw and a underarm throw


Write the short date in your maths book



Print the 100 square (link below) and fill in the numbers or write numbers to

100 in your books.

Hundred square

Using your tally results from yesterday make a pictogram. Print the sheet on the

linkbelow or draw one in your book.


If 5 people liked strawberries you draw 5 strawberries. Remember to colour it.

Put a title at the top- Favourite Fruits.

Write Favourite Fruits along the bottom and Number of People along the

side by the numbers.

Using your pictogram answer these questions.

How many people did you ask altogether?

What was the most popular fruit?

What was the least popular fruit?

How many people liked strawberries and apples?

How many people liked grapes and bananas?

My favourite is strawberry – add it to your tally chart and your pictogram.

English/Science Practise your spellings for this week

Watch the video of the butterflies. Draw a life cycle of the caterpillar to butterfly

and write some sentences.


Phonics Watch some Geraldine giraffe videos on split diagraphs

write some words with i_e

write some words with o_e

Reading Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read. Record the books

you have read in your reading record.

Art Make an Easter garden using resources at home to show new life. You can plant,

draw, paint or use boxes.