Thursday 11th June 2020

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. If you haven’t already done so, please register with the Hertfordshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge. You will be able to set your own reading goals, collect virtual rewards and unlock plenty of fun activities.

‘You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.’ Dr Seuss

Have a fantastic day,

Miss Davey

Subject Activity
Prayer Prayer for Thursday 11th June 2020

Lord God, giver of life, lead me, guide me, and free me to embrace the joy you have planned for me.


Religion Visit the Religion blog to complete this week’s learning activities.
Pope Francis: A person living the spirit of Pentecost.
Spellings & Handwriting Compose a sentence for five of the spellings words and write your sentences in your handwriting book.

Reading Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Harper Collins website:



Use the Teacher Login area.

Maths 11-06-2020
Morning Challenge

WALT: Round 2-digit numbers to nearest multiple of 10.

Is 32 nearer to 30 or 40?
To round 32 to the nearest 10 we round it to 30 because that’s the closest multiple of 10.

If we were adding the prices of lots of toys, and just needed to know roughly how much the whole lot would be, we could round each price to the nearest £10 and then add them. 

Is 45 nearer to 40 or 50?
Yes, it’s in the middle  but we round 45 up to 50. If you were rounding amounts of money, it would be safer to round 45p up to 50p to make sure you had enough money! So, we always round up any number that sits half-way between the target multiples.

English Thursday 11th June 2020
WALT: Edit.

Rewrite the passage below, editing for capital letters and punctuation.

The Fox and the Grapes

one hot summers day a fox was strolling through an orchard he spotted a bunch of ripe grapes hanging from a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch just the thing to quench my thirst he said drawing back a few paces he took a run and a jump and just missed the bunch he tried again taking a longer run-up this time and reaching for the grapes with both his mouth and his paws but again he failed again and again he leapt up towards the tempting bunch but at last had to give up the fox then walked away with his nose in the air saying I bet those grapes are really sour anyway

Extension Challenge

Make additions and revisions to improve this passage.

Wider Curriculum Wellbeing Week

Thursday – Take Notice
Today’s activities are all about listening, observing and reflecting.

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