Summer 3 Week 4

In Maths, we have been learning to divide by sharing, grouping and using our knowledge of multiplication.

In English, the children wrote their own poems, edited it and wrote them in neat. The poems were excellent! The children applied their learning on expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases and alliteration. Below are some examples of what the children wrote.

My Dream School

In my dream school I would put

A spectacular ice-cream parlour with the creamiest ice-cream

An amazing, super special swimming spa,

A tricky rock climbing wall going up very tree.

By Sophie


In my dream school I would put

A cute cotton candy cart with a funny cat on it.,

A warm pool with a slippery slide in the pool,

A splendid sweet shop with candy for free

By Sarah


My unique school is covered in bubble gum and chocolate squares.,

With lots of lights out on Arsenal players winning against spurs in the final

It’s covered with huge starry night wallpaper and glistening diamonds and topaz.

Behind the diamonds and topaz, there is vanilla, red velvet, chocolate and lemon cake.

By Filip

In Computing the children created branching databases to sort animals. The children thought of yes/no questions to put the animals into groups.

On Wednesday, we went to church for St Peter and St Paul. The children sang, responded and behaved beautifully.

In Design and Technology, the children continued to develop their understanding of making boxes. They made hexagonal prisms and cuboids.

In Science, we made a booklet to describe the different functions of the parts of plants. Then we learnt about the transportation of water and tested this using coloured water and flowers.

Home Learning

Read Theory Complete two activities
Mathletics Complete activities
Spellings – experience, famous, favourite, guard, guide, height, imagine, knowledge, library, material, medicine, mention


Spelling frame
Times table Rockstars Please complete 10 minutes a day.

Well done to Isabelle, Chloe A and Mya for logging on the most to practise their timetables rock stars. Who will be the top three next week?

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey

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