Summer 2: Week 5

It has been another wonderful week for Year One! It was lovely meeting with you all at parents evening.

In Maths, the children carried on with their topic of Time. We practised learning how to tell the time on the hour and half past the hour and we talked about the duration of time.  The children estimated how many times they would be able to do certain activities in 10 seconds. We used a stop clock to see how quickly time passes.  They had to see how many claps they could do, hop on one leg, count to five and how many times they could blink their eyes all in 10 seconds! They had great fun working with a partner, counting times for each other. The results showed that they were actually able to do more than they estimated!

In Italian, the children made their own bingo boards choosing what colours, food and numbers they have learned so far in Italian. It was very exciting waiting to see who would fill their board first!


On Wednesday, Joshua kindly brought in Butterflies from home that had transformed from when we last saw them as a Chrysallis! We were so enthralled to see them! Joshua explained to the children how he has been looking after them and how long it will be before he releases them. Thank you to Joshua and his family for bringing them into Year one to show us.


The children have been watering their beans and keeping an eye on their growth so far! They have noticed that some beans have some roots beginning to grow and some are still waiting to split and begin germination. We discussed reasons why some beans may be slower than others to grow.

In Geography we looked at how the seaside is different from other places. The children looked at different pictures and discussed what they could see. They then had to sort them into 3 groups and give each group a name and reason for sorting.

Home Learning – Due Friday

Mathletics – complete the activities set.

Spellings – practice the spellings with your child for a spelling test next Friday.

Handwriting sheet – months of the year.

Reading – 5/10 minutes daily.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Poyiadzis & Mrs Barnes