Summer 2 Week 5

A wonderful week in Year 3 with lots of hard work and fun. In Maths, the children have been practising column addition and subtraction and developing their reasoning skills.

In English the children have been learning how to apply prepositions and conjunctions to their writing.

In Science, we have been learning about the functions of different parts of the plants. We learnt that leaves evaporate water but we could not see this when observing leaves. The children thought about how we could find evidence that this happens. They decided to tie a clear bag to a leaf and then observe it to see if the bag collected water. The bag did collect water!

In PE the children have mastered the skill of rounders and have been playing fantastic games where they work well as a team. I was impressed at how well the children worked together.

In D&T the children planned how they are going to make their memory box. They thought about the resources they would use and why. They wrote a step by step by step guide of how to make it.

Well done to Aanay who played the guitar in the KS2 Music concert.

On Wednesday, some of the children sang in the choir or played in the orchestra. They were all wonderful!

On Friday,  we said goodbye to Dale. We were lucky to have him to support the children with their First Holy Communion preparations and their Religion learning.

It has been great to see more children logging into timestables rockstars this week. Our top three children this week are Sophie, Aanay and Nathan. Well done!

Home Learning



Please complete the new activities and the activities your child has not done this year
Timetables Rockstars Can you be our champion next week? Can you log on for 10 minutes every day?
Spelling Frame minute, naughty, notice, occasion, occasionally, often, opposite, ordinary, position, possess, possession, probably

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey