Summer 2 Week 4

In Year 5 this week, we have continued to convert units of measure and have been working towards our Greek myths. In History, we thought about the achievements of the Ancient Greeks and reasoned about which were the most/least important. Graphing skills were our focus in Science as we made line graphs to show the data we collected last week. Our RE learning about discipleship had us looking at the story of Jesus asking Simon, Andrew, James and John to be fishers of men. Year 5 thought about how this story demonstrated the Catholic beliefs of Social Justice and the Common Good.

On Tuesday, Year 5 represented Pope Paul at the St Peter and St Paul mass at Our Lady and St Vincent. As father Shaun explained, this was the beginning of their role as leaders of our school.

Well done to Sandro, Mia, Megan, Nabira, Manus, Darcie-Louise and Phoebe. They lead the whole school assembly this morning, telling all about the life of Prince Phillip, who they had been researching for an English project.

We had a very sad ending to our week. Johnny-Mac will be leaving us and joining a new school on Monday. We wish him all the best and will miss him greatly.


Home learning:

Week 5 spellings


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