Summer 2 Week 3

Another week in Year 5 has flown by. In science, we have been exploring thermal insulators and conductors. We ran an investigation into which material would keep water the warmest and discovered tin foil was the best. In English, we have been busy writing our own adventure for Greek King, Odysseus. We fill finish these next week and I am looking forward to the final result. Our maths learning has focussed around units of measure and we have been using our knowledge of fractions to find halves, quarters, three quarters and tenths of measures such as a kilogram. We continued our cricket sessions on Wednesday by playing a game of continuous cricket.  There was much excitement earlier that morning when an air ambulance landed in the field next to us. The crew gave us a wave as they took off and landed!

Today we took part in the Blessed Sacrament procession. It was a wonderful chance for us to act as witnesses to our faith. Luckily the weather brightened up so we could enjoy our ice lollies at the church.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


Mrs Lines


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