Summer 2 Week 4

In Maths we have been solving problems with repeated addition. We have been counting objects in twos, fives and tens.

In English we have been learning about suffixes. We have looked at when we add s or es to a word. We played a game where we had to find a partner with the correct spellings for our pictures.

On Tuesday, we were very excited to be detectives again. The school laptop went missing and we had to help to solve the crime. The suspects were Mrs Carey, Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara. We had two real detectives in school and they were so impressed at Year 1’s detective skills. We took their own fingerprints and looked at the patterns in their fingerprints. Then we dusted the fingerprints from the crime scene with pink powder. We were the first to identify the fingerprints but we kept it quiet from the rest of the school. After all the evidence was looked at by the detectives, the suspect was announced in assembly. Mrs McNamara was caught on camera; she was sleepwalking. She took the laptop home to keep it safe but forgot she had done this.

Homework- Mathletics

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carey