Summer 2 Week 3

Reception Class has had a busy week! On Monday, we went to Hertfordshire Zoo. I was proud of how well they behaved. We had a fantastic day! We saw lots of different animals, we played in the play area, had lunch, listened to a talk about penguins then went on a train ride. At the end of the trip, we had lots of sleepy children on the coach.




On Tuesday, we had Sports Day. Reception were amazing at their first Sports Day. They listened to and followed instructions, supported each other and has a great time!


The children have been writing about their day at the zoo and writing facts about Penguins. Using paint, the children have made wonderful painting of the animals they saw at the zoo.

In Maths, we have been learning about positional vocabulary and using bee-bots to practise giving instructions.


In our role-play area, the children have been dressing up in school uniform that they will be wearing in Year 1.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Carey and the Early Years Team