Summer 2 Week 2

This week was Healthy Living Week, we have been doing a variety of activities to promote healthy living.

On Monday, we learnt about the imporatance of earing a balanced healthy diet including fruit and vegetables. The children made posters, painted a plate of healthy foods and made fruit kebabs.

On Tuesday, we learnt about the importance of including fibre in our diet. The children looked at different packages to check if they included fibre, they made pea pods and they tasted foods that contained fibre.


On Wednesday, we learnt that drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day helps us to stay hydrated. The children tasted fruit infused water with mint, lemon and lime. They voted for their favourite flavour and made a pictogram. The favourite flavour in Reception is lemon.


On Thursday, we learnt about how exercise can keep us healthy. The children took part in exercises and talked about the effect it has on their heart rate. We made obstacle courses outside to encourage lots of exercise and wrote about their favourite type of exercise.

In Maths, we have been learning about repeated patterns. Children have been describing and continuing patterns. They have also been making their own patterns with a variety of objects and drawings.

In Religion, we read the story The Good Samaritan then the children acted out the story. The children painted pictures and wrote sentences. We thought about how we can be kind friends like the Samaritan.

Next Week


Hertfordshire Zoo. Thank you to the parents who voluntered, we picked an adult from a hat and have spoken to them.

If it is sunny, please make sure your child has a sunhat and suncream is applied before they come to school.

Send lunch in a throw away bag with their name on it with two drinks. (no fizzy drinks or glass bottles) If you have ordered a school lunch, this will be given to your child in the morning.

If it is forecasted to rain, please send a raincoat.

Please be at school  on time.


Sports day. Please wear their coloured t-shirt, a sunhat and apply suncream before school. They must have a water bottle.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team.