Summer 2 Week 1

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. It is our last half term in Year 3! The children looked wonderful on Monday, dressed as Egyptians. Our mission during Ancient Egypt Day was to record the evidence of everyday life in Ancient Egypt, as revealed in the fragments of wall paintings found inside a newly discovered tomb. First, we watched a clip of how the tomb might have looked like when it was new. Then we saw a clip of how modern archaeologists had unearthed the tomb buried under the desert sand. With our partner we were to choose and investigate one aspect of everyday life. To record our findings, and then share them with the whole class we were to re-create fragments of wall paintings. At the start of each session, we decorated a pharaoh headdress and made a paper pyramid, while listening to music which the Ancient Egypt might have played.

This week our learning has been linked to Pentecost. Each day we looked at a different symbols that represents Pentecost. On Tuesday, our learning was about water, we learnt about the water cycle, we listened to music and discussed how it made us feel and drew what we thought. Then we read and answered questions on a poem about water.  On Wednesday, we learnt about wind. We performed a poem about wind with instruments and we blew paint to make pictures.   On Thursday, we focused on Fire.  We learnt about the Great Fire of London and made a timeline to show the events. Then we created flames with different coloured paper. On Friday, we made links with the story of Pentecost with what we believe. In the afternoon we went to mass in the school hall and had ice lollies.

Click here for photos. Pentecost

In PE, we have been practising our sports day races for next week. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday afternoon.

Home Learning

Read Theory – complete two activities

Maths chase and timetables rockstars- next I will be assessing the children’s knowledge of the 3 and 4 timetables.

Spellings – young, trouble, double, country, touch, rough, enough, encourage, cousin, couple, courage

Next week we will be starting a new writing unit. We will be looking at poetry. In preparation for this, can you find 5 things at home that are special to you and put them together and take a photograph. Please send the photograph in by Wednesday.

Next week is Healthy Eating Week. On Monday, each child should bring in a fruit that they have never tasted before. Can we find some exotic fruits?

I hope all of the communion children have a lovely thanksgiving mass on Saturday.


Mrs Carey



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