Summer 1 Week 4

Today we held our annual May celebration in honour of our lady. The smell of our classroom was beautiful this morning from the wide range of flowers the children brought in to place on our May alter.  Thank you to so many parents who came to join us.

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In science, we investigated solutions. We beg an by looking at 3 different liquids and deciding which one we would rather drink.


Many were surprised that the dark green liquid (made from food colouring) was the only one you could drink as the seemingly cleanest one was actually a salt solution. The children then created their own sugar solution, analysed data from an experiment and then designed their own.

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Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Lines


Home Learning

Write a poem or a prayer about grandparents and decorate it.

Please bring in a picture of grandparents for art activities next week.

As we have not completed our unit of learning on unstressed syllables, the smae spellings should be revised for next week.



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  1. Sophia Deed
    Sophia Deed says:

    I really enjoyed running the experiments in class. It has been a very fun week i cant wait for Grandparents day 🙂


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