Summer 1 Week 4

This week the children have been multiplying a two digit number by a one-digit number using regrouping and short multiplication. The children have worked hard to develop their skills and it is wonderful to see the children practising their timetables at home.

In English, we have started a new topic about adventure stories. We watched a video clip of an adventure story called ‘Taking Flight.’ Each day we have watched a little part of the clip and the children have been excited to watch the next part each day. We are learning about how adventure stories are page turners, they make you want to read more to find out what happens next. They have been writing expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases to describe the characters. They have also been using a thesaurus to find synonyms for words to make their writing interesting.

In Religion, we listened to Luke’s recount of Pentecost and then rewrote the story in our own words. Then they made flames to represent the Holy Spirit using coloured paper.

In PE, the children continued their lessons of Tennis. On Wednesday they learn how to play rounders and develop their teamwork skills.

Eight children from our class took part in the first Year 3 challenge. Out of 200 schools, our two teams came 18th and 23rd. One team will compete in the final at the end of May. Well done to Emily, Brody, Jayden, Emilia, Jack F, Gabriella, Oliver and Mark!

Home Learning

Spellings Complete spelling shed activities

vague, league, plague, tongue, fatigue, antique, unique, grotesque, mosque, plaque

Mathletics Complete activities and complete the maths sheets sent home.
Timetables Please practise the 3, 4 and 8 timetables.



Good luck to Leo B, Rose, Dino, Clodagh, Ruben, Herbie, Joseph, Emilia, Scarlett, Emily and Jack P who are making their First Holy Communion on Saturday. Have a wonderful day. Please send in a photograph of them on their own for the class display.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Carey