Summer 1 Week 4

In Maths, we have been learning to find fractions of amounts. The children have learnt to draw bar models to solve fraction problems. Children have realised the importance of knowing times tables to support them in lots of maths learning.

In English, the children have been excited to read  Iron Man By Ted Hughes. They have been identifying similes and adjectives to use in their own writing. The children wrote wonderful riddles to describe the Iron man using the vocabulary they had learnt.

In Religion, we have been reading the story from Luke’s Gospel on the Ascension. The children identified the beliefs we learn from the story. Then we observed different artwork on the Ascension and represented the story in our own artwork.

In Science, we learnt about how to protect our eyes and skin from the sun and made a poster to warn others. Then we planned an investigation to test how the distance between an object and a light source changes the size of a shadow.

Home Learning

Maths Mathletics
Timestables Please complete 10 minutes a day of

timetables rockstars

Spellings Spelling Frame

woman, wonder, mother brother, another, month, govern, discover, Monday, shovel, above, money

Read Theory Complete at least two activities


Good luck to the children making their First Holy Communion. Have a wonderful day!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

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