Summer 1 Week 2

Our English learning continued to focus on newspaper reports this week. We have now completed our accounts of what happened on the road to Emmaus and the miraculous discovery that was made. Year 5 used their knowledge of the genre to create a full description of what happened and how those involved felt.

In maths, we have been learning about area. The children built on their year 4 learning to find the area of composite shapes by using known information to find the value of missing dimensions.

This week, we began our new science unit about the properties of materials. The first property we discussed was thermal conductivity and we ran a comparative test to identify which material transferred heat the best. To do this, we placed 3 materials (wood, metal and plastic) into hot water with butter on the top. We then placed a pin in the butter and waited to see which pin fell out first. Many children thought that wood would be the best thermal conductor but our investigation clearly showed it was metal. We then thought about how we use these materials at home for cooking and why they are suited to their roles.


It has been a busy week in P.E. We continued to learn from Coach Dugan but were also visited by Mr Mills, a tennis coach. He will continue to work with us over next few weeks.

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Have a great weekend,


Mrs Lines


Home Learning:


SPAG.COM and comprehension


Book 4- Pages 46 and 47

Book 5- Pages 50 and 51

There is also a mathletics activity